Creative Nation – How the creative industries are powering the UK’s nations and regions

« Creative Nation uses official, open and web data to map the creative industries in the UK, their evolution, contribution to local economic development, the strength of their support ecosystems – including research and informal networking – and their connections with each other. Ultimately, it seeks to contribute to our understanding of the sector and inform the best policies to support it. It has been created by Nesta in collaboration with the Creative Industries Council.

The report presents eight key findings based on our analysis of the data, and is accompanied by an open dataset and interactive visualisation to help anybody explore the data.
(…) UK universities connect with creative industries locally and nationally: Research collaborations between universities and creative industries supported by Research Councils UK and Innovate UK are growing over time, with funding levels more than doubling between 2006 and 2017. Universities are collaborating with creative industries in their locality, in neighbouring areas and in other parts of the UK. (…) »

source >, février 2018