AI in Libraries + Federated RDM in Canada [videos]

« Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the Library, Karim Boughida (URI), Christopher Erdmann (NCSU), Ruth Pickering (Yewno)
This video explores how artificial intelligence (AI) is used and how it is going to be deployed in the library, museum, and archives fields (…)

Collaboration and Platform Integration in Support of a Federated Research Data Management Service in Canada, Donna Bourne-Tyson (Dalhousie U.), Lee Wilson (CARL Portage), Corey Davis (U. Victoria)
Portage was established by the Canadian Association of Research Libraries (CARL) in 2015 to support the shared stewardship of research data through a Network of Expertise that assists libraries with providing research data management (RDM) services on their campuses and through partnerships with infrastructure providers to make RDM platforms widely available. This presentation provides an overview of the progress made since Portage and the Canadian RDM landscape was first presented to CNI in 2015. (…) »

source >, 12 février 2018