The DARIAH Service Landscape at a Glance – A DESIR Gap Analysis

« What services and tools are available for the Digital Humanities community are available within DARIAH? Where can the researcher look up a service? This crucial user requirement can’t be served sufficiently within the current landscape until the DARIAH Open Marketplace will be launched in the near future. The Open Marketplace will then serve as central information hub.
Within the DESIR (DARIAH ERIC Sustainability Refined) this question has been addressed from a different perspective. Are there any gaps within the DARIAH service landscape, unserved user requirements or possible service enhancements that could be addressed within DESIR?

For this end and to facilitate the decision process for specific (new) service demonstrators and concepts a gap analysis of the DARIAH research infrastructure has been conducted and Open Access published at HAL: (…) »

source >, 01 février 2018