Workshop report: Identifiers for UK theses

« Along with the Universities of Southampton and London South Bank, EThOS and DataCite UK have been investigating if having persistent identifiers (PIDs) for both a thesis and its data would help to liberate data from the appendices of the PDF document. With some funding from Jisc in 2014, we ran a survey and some case studies looking at the state of linking to research data underlying theses to see where improvements could be made. Since then, there has been some slow but steady progress towards realising its recommendations. Identifiers are now visible in EThOS itself (see image below) and a small number of UK institutions are now assigning Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) to their theses on a regular basis. Many more are implementing ORCID iDs for their post-graduate students. (…) »

source >, Rachael Kotarski, 18 décembre 2017