TU Delft: Data Stewardship – addressing disciplinary data management needs

« (…) In research data management there tend to be very few (if any) one-size fit all solutions. At TU Delft data management concerns and recommended workflows will be different for researchers studying social behaviours of people in cities and for researchers collecting and analysing live-time weather data or working on 3D printing projects. In order to be truly relevant to diverse types of research, data management advice needs to be discipline-specific and thus those advising researchers need to have discipline-specific expertise.

Additionally, ensuring any lasting cultural change is not just about technology and expertise but, perhaps more importantly, about communication and trust. Relationships between researchers and those who advise them on data management practice need to be developed over time and by allowing people to get to know each other and to work closely together.

As a result, we came up with the idea of a one year project where discipline-specific Data Stewards will be appointed at each one of the eight TU Delft faculties. Alignment between activities of individual Data Stewards will be ensured by a dedicated Data Stewardship Coordinator leading the project from the Library, which was outlined in their roles and responsibilities. (…) »

source > openworking.wordpress.com, Kevin Casey, 30 novembre 2017