Tour de CLARIN: CLARIN AUSTRIA presents ‘Viennese Lexicographic Editor’ tool

« The Viennese Lexicographic Editor has been developed by the Austrian Centre for Digital Humanities and is a standalone XML editing system that is suited for collaborative work on lexicographic data. The tool can be freely downloaded from Clarin Centre Vienna, where updated versions are uploaded regularly. Extensive documentation and a how-to-use guide can be found here.

A powerful and adaptable tool, the Viennese Lexicographic Editor provides a flexible environment for navigating through and working with complexly-annotated dictionary entries. Researchers can use the tool either to directly access the data in XML (figure 1) or to edit them by means of an easy-to-use graphical database interface (figure 2). Furthermore, the tool offers different ways to visualise the data and checks their well-formedness whenever researchers save their entries. Through a special module, the Viennese Lexicographic Editor allows its users to access and integrate external language resources such as corpora and other dictionaries. (…) »

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source >, Karolina Badzm, 28 août 2017