IFLA WLIC 2017 Wroclaw, Poland: Digital Humanities Satellite Meeting August 2017

« (…) Due to the digital transformation the importance of digital scholarship is growing up rapidly for libraries and cultural heritage institutions like archives and museums worldwide. These institutions offer and share their collections with digital scholars or researchers, who need the mostly digitized materials for their work.

From this background research projects concerning the humanities or cultural studies focus more and more archives, libraries and museums. At the same time the availability of services is expected, which support the researchers projects beyond the delivery of digitized pictures and texts. Infrastructures and tools are needed for operating and processing the materials, which research is working on.

The conference was hosted by the IFLA Academic and Research Libraries standing committee, the European library association LIBER, the European research infrastructure DARIAH, the German Initiative of Network Information (DINI), the BBAW and the library of the HU. (…) »

source > ifla.org, 19 août 2017