Copyright Clearance Center RightFind™ Delivers Improved Workflow for Ease-of-Use

« (…) With the new release, CCC focused on target areas of RightFind to better serve customers’ interests, including:

  • Instant document delivery for non-subscribed content, which enables users to view a document within seconds of placing an order—regardless of how many articles are being ordered or how the content is being made available—accelerating content workflow and collaboration.
  • Improved content in context, including the expansion of Altmetric data, giving users the ability to quickly identify the online attention—for example from social media—surrounding articles from their search results.
  • A refreshed interface that displays re-use rights information in a variety of workflows.
  • A new Open Access icon that allows users to quickly identify Open Access content, including the growing base of articles available through CCC. (…) »

source >, 10 août 2017