Jisc: Next Generation Research Environments – recommendations and next steps

(…) This post is an update on the Next Generation Research Environments’ discovery phase. The general message that came across, based on the feedback we received, was that this is an area that is important to tackle, but that we are at an early stage of understanding the problem and the potential solutions. To look into this in more depth, the next step was to work with a consultant with a brief to “Investigate the needs and requirements for a next generation research environment”. The main activities were to interview all voters and relevant experts to understand the requirements for a next generation research environment, bring this information together into a report and, from this information, make a number of recommendations as to what Jisc should do to support this challenge.

Report and Recommendations

The report is now available in the Jisc repository and makes a number of clear recommendations. (…) »

source > researchdata.jiscinvolve.org, Christopher Brown, 19 juillet 2017