Elsevier : RELX Group 2016 Results

« RELX Group, the global professional information and analytics company, reports another year of underlying growth in revenue, operating profit and earnings in 2016

Commenting on the results, Anthony Habgood, Chairman, said: “RELX Group has continued to execute well on its strategic priorities, and the gradual improvement in our revenue growth rate reflects the progress that has been made. We are proposing a larger than usual PLC full year dividend increase primarily due to exchange rate movements. Our long term dividend policy is unchanged.” (…)

Operating and financial review PRINCIPAL RISKS

The principal risks facing RELX Group arise from the highly competitive and rapidly changing nature of our markets, the increasing technological nature of our products and services, the international nature of our operations, legislative, fiscal and regulatory developments and economic conditions in our markets. Certain businesses could also be affected by the impact on publicly funded and other customers of changes in funding and by cyclical pressures on advertising and promotional spending or through the availability of free sources of information. (…) »

source > relx.com, 23 février 2017