Royaume-Uni : Metadata: the key to collaboration and a national bibliographic knowledgebase

« (…) Why do we need the NBK now?

UK libraries are currently experiencing a ‘perfect storm’ in which user expectations continue to rise and technological and licensing options become ever more sophisticated, while budgets decline. At the same time publishers continue to wrestle with the full implications of a hybrid print/digital marketplace and the new opportunities it offers. The result is that long-established practice and processes for managing collections is rapidly being rendered obsolete.

This unprecedented combination of factors has resulted in libraries struggling to determine how best to navigate the transition and efficiently manage their new hybrid collections.

(…) The scale of the various challenges means that only a large scale initiative capable of pooling library resources and expertise can hope to address the issues involved.  The strategic collaboration of Jisc in partnership with the British Library, RLUK and SCONUL will provide the firm foundation needed to begin building the NBK and collectively influence publishers. (…) »

source >, Neil Wilson, 16 février 2017