The Altmetric Score is Now the Altmetric Attention Score

« You’re probably already familiar with the Altmetric score (that handy number seen inside an Altmetric “donut”). The score is a weighted count of all of the mentions Altmetric has tracked for an individual research output, and is designed as an indicator of the amount and reach of the attention an item has received.

We have now decided to formally name this indicator the Altmetric Attention Score.

The new name will make it easier for newcomers to altmetrics to understand what our score indicates (the volume and likely reach of research’s attention, not quality or impact), at a glance. We’re also aiming to make it clearer that this is a number calculated and assigned by Altmetric, the company, as opposed to an ‘altmetrics’ score. (…)

source >, Cat Williams, 13 juillet 2016