PCG Library Budget Survey reveals institutional budgets will increase by 1.4% in 2016

 » Results of the 2016 Library Budget Predictions survey – research carried out annually by Ingenta’s publishing consultancy arm, Publishers Communication Group (PCG) – have been released, stating that institutional library budgets across the globe will increase by 1.4% overall this year.

Despite the rise in library budgets overall, the mature markets measured in the survey show very limited expansion. North America predicts a 1% increase in its overall budget spend for 2016, whereas the situation in Europe is slightly worse, with an 0.1% decrease anticipated overall. Although regions containing predominantly emerging markets predict growth, this is generally at a lower level than previously. Somewhat more optimistically, however, South America expects growth of 2.1% (5.9% for 2015) and the Middle East and Africa continues to predict the greatest proportional increase at 4.2%, although this too is down compared to last year’s 6.8% predicted rise. Asia Pacific, influenced by China and India (emerging) and Japan (mature), balance out somewhat with an expected 2.8% increase. (…) »

source > http://www.ingenta.com, 20 mai 2016