EPFL and AXA announce the creation of a Research Program

« Bryan Ford, a world-renowned expert in information security, has been named an Associate Professor at EPFL in Lausanne, Switzerland with the support of the AXA Research Fund. The Fund engaged 1.5 million euros to support this 12 year-project.

The increase of data circulating on the internet never ceases to grow. The information ranges from trade secrets to personal data. We want the data to be available at all times but safe from corruption, unavailability, and the risk of falling into just anyone’s hands. The AXA Research Fund has granted a research program at EPFL in the search for solutions to these problems. AXA is supporting the work of Bryan Ford, who recently joined the faculty at EPFL after starting his career especially at Yale University (USA). Ford, who was born in 1973, is an up-and-coming researcher and internationally recognized specialist in data security and privacy protection. (…) »

source > actu.epfl.ch, 18 mai 2016