GreyNet Business Report, Spring 2016

« This business report is intended to provide a comprehensive, up to date overview of the workings of TextRelease and the International Grey Literature Network Service. TextRelease is an independent program and conference bureau specializing in the field of grey literature and networked information.
GreyNet, Grey Literature Network Service, was founded in 1992 and re-launched in 2003 under the leadership and direction of TextRelease. Since its re-launch, it has developed into an international network capable of serving various sectors of government, academics, business and industry as well as subject based communities producing, processing, distributing, and preserving grey literature. GreyNet’s mission is dedicated to research, publication, open access, and education in the field of grey literature; and this requires now more than ever an infrastructure commensurate to its real potential. (…) »

source >, spring 2016