Researchers argue for standard format to cite lab resources

« Research Resource Identifier (RRID) aims to clean up poorly referenced data (…)

The new ID format simply adds the prefix ‘RRID:’ to existing identifiers. Each RRID is stored at a central website, where authors can search for their resource in any of 10 repositories or databases (including the BDSC and the MGI), retrieve the relevant ID, and click a ‘cite this’ button, which presents correctly formatted text that authors can copy into their papers.

If identifiers don’t yet exist for a resource, the portal does not mint fresh ones itself, but helps researchers to create one at in a suitable outpost (such as the Drosophila database FlyBase), by clicking on ‘Add a Resource’ at the central portal. Once created, the portal presents the identifier to the author with the RRID wrapper (…) »

source >, Dalmeet Singh Chawla, 29 mai 2015