How to provide digital libraries to those without internet?

 » Though internet coverage has increased exponentially in developed countries, it has lagged far behind in the developing world with wide disparities in global connectivity. In 2011, the United Nations reported that while more than half of the wealthy world is online, a mere 15 percent of people in developing countries are connected. The WiderNet Project is “building a bridge across the digital divide” in order to attack information poverty and encourage education, research and collaboration (…)

Focusing on low-cost information technology alternatives for the world’s poor, The WiderNet Project provides both hardware and specialized training.  The innovative cornerstone of the project is the eGranary Digital Library, or “Internet in a Box:” Basically a hard drive with “the seeds of knowledge”– some 32 million documents (…) »

source >, Lisa Many, Richard Chady, 27 mai 2015