Creating sustainable community: The Proceedings of the ACRL 2015 Conference March 25-28, 2015 Edited by Dawn M. Mueller (.pdf)

« … Bed Bugs and Other Bad News: An Opportunity for Media and Public Relations – Ian Godfrey, Scott Bigler, and Catherine Soehner

Beyond Embedding: Integrating the Standards of Librarianship with Discipline Values and Accreditation – Sue F. Phelps, Julie Planchon Wolf, and Loree Hyde

Beyond Service: New Outreach Strategies to Reach Student Veterans – Sarah LeMire

Blurred Lines: Tying Recreational Reading to Research in an Academic Library – Jamie L. Conklin and Elizabeth O. Moreton

Build Sustainable Collaboration: Developing and Assessing Metaliteracy Across Information Ecosystems – Alison B. Thomas and Alex R. Hodges

Bypassing Interlibrary Loan Via Twitter: An Exploration of #icanhazpdf Requests – Carolyn Caffrey Gardner and Gabriel J. Gardner (…) »

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