Scientific Data sharing and re-use. ERCIM News (.pdf)

« … The special theme section “Scientific Data Sharing and Reuse” has been coordinated by Costantino Thanos, ISTI-CNR and Andreas Rauber, TU Vienna. Introduction to the Special Theme

13 Scientific Data Sharing and Reuse by Costantino Thanos and Andreas Rauber, guest editors for the special theme section

14 Creating the Culture and Technology for a Global Data Infrastructure by Mark A. Parsons

15 If Data Sharing is the Answer, What is the Question? by Christine L. Borgman

16 Enhancing the Value of Research Data in Australia by Andrew Treloar, Ross Wilkinson, and the ANDS team

18 Beyond Data: Process Sharing and Reuse by Tomasz Miksa and Andreas Rauber

19 Open Data – What do Research Communities Really Think about it? by Marie Sandberg, Rob Baxter, Damien Lecarpentier and Paweł Kamocki

20 Providing Research Infrastructures with Data Publishing by Massimiliano Assante, Leonardo Candela, Paolo Manghi, Pasquale Pagano, and Donatella Castelli

22 Sailing Towards Open Marine Data: the RITMARE Data Policy by Anna Basoni, Stefano Menegon and Alessandro Sarretta

23 RDA: The Importance of Metadata by Keith G. Jeffery and Rebecca Koskela

25 RDA: Brokering with Metadata by Stefano Nativi, Keith G. Jeffery and Rebecca Koskela 26 Asking the Right Questions – Query-Based Data Citation to Precisely Identify Subsets of Data by Stefan Pröll and Andreas Rauber

28 Capturing the Experimental Context via Research Objects by Catherine Jones, Brian Matthews and Antony Wilson

29 Engineering the Lifecycle of Data Sharing Agreements Mirko Manea and Marinella Petrocchi

30 Cross-disciplinary Data Sharing and Reuse via gCube by Leonardo Candela and Pasquale Pagano

32 Toward Automatic Data Curation for Open Data by Thilo Stadelmann, Mark Cieliebak and Kurt Stockinger

33 An Interactive Tool for Transparent Data Preprocessing by Olivier Parisot and Thomas Tamisier

35 e-Infrastructure across Photon and Neutron Sources by Juan Bicarregui and rian Matthews

36 Understanding Open Data CSV File Structures for Reuse by Paulo Carvalho, Patrik Hitzelberger and Gilles Venturini

37 How Openness can Change Scientific Practice by Robert Viseur and Nicolas Devos (…) »

source > ercim-news, janvier 2015