Persistent, Global Identity for Scientists via ORCID

Authors: August E. Evrard, Christopher Erdmann, Jane Holmquist, James Damon, Dianne Dietrich

« Scientists have an inherent interest in claiming their contributions to the scholarly record, but the fragmented state of identity management across the landscape of astronomy, physics, and other fields makes highlighting the contributions of any single individual a formidable and often frustratingly complex task. The problem is exacerbated by the expanding variety of academic research products and the growing footprints of large collaborations and interdisciplinary teams. In this essay, we outline the benefits of a unique scholarly identifier with persistent value on a global scale and we review astronomy and physics engagement with the Open Researcher and Contributor iD (ORCID) service as a solution (…) »

source > arxiv, August E. Evrard, 22 février 2015