Cooperation fostering growth – Impact of research funding. Fact report to the Knowledge Foundation by DAMVAD (.pdf)

« This impact assessment is based on four key issues:

1) Does the research capacity increase for the new institutions of higher education (HEIs)? Is an increased amount of research produced at the new institutions?

2) Does the quality of the produced research improve?

3) Does the capacity among the companies participating in programs within HÖG increase? Are there any visible changes in, for example, the competence level of the employees, or in that the company utilizes its input factors more efficiently and thus creates higher value?

4) Does the total value creation increase among the companies participating within HÖG? If this is the case, we can argue that participating firms do strengthen Sweden’s competitiveness.

To clarify the impact of the work made by the Knowledge Foundation, quantitative indicators based on a large amount of data have been used.

The analyses of impacts on research are based on DAMVAD’s access to the bibliometric database Scopus. This database contains articles from over 21 000 scientific journals, as well as 5.5 million conference articles (…) »

source > damvad, 18 janvier 2015