Joining forces to support data linking in science articles

« A new collaboration between Elsevier and data centers encourages researchers to submit data DOIs with their articles so their data will be indexed and easily accessible

While research data has always been at the foundation of scientific and medical research, the research community is increasingly recognizing the importance of that data as part of their research output. This trend is driven in part by technical improvements that make it easier and more cost-effective to store data, but equally important, the availability of reliable and well-recognized data repositories and the emergence of standards and best practices for issues such as data citation (…)

To support this practice, the Australian National Data Service (ANDS), 3TU.Datacentrum in the Netherlands, and Elsevier are joining forces to encourage researchers who are working with data sets that have Data DOIs from ANDS or 3TU (which could be their own data, or data deposited by others) to include these Data DOIs in articles submitted for publication to an Elsevier journal. These DOIs will be tagged in the article to assist automatic indexing, and they will appear as hyperlinks in the online article on ScienceDirect for one-click access to the data record (…) »

source >, Hylke Koers, 8 janvier 2015