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London pride in context: Treasures & the library treasures volume in Britain today 244
Karen Attar

How library & information science academic administrators perceive e-learning in LIS schools: A qualitative analysis 254
Md. Shiful Islam, Susumu Kunifuji, Motoki Miura and Tessai Hayama

The experience of Korean academic librarianship: A phenomenological study 267
Kaetrena Davis Kendrick

Information literacy in Zanzibar universities: Current situation & the way forward 280
Abbas Mohamed Omar, Haji Ali Haji and Khamis Hamad Mwitumbe

Micronesian libraries and archives: A review of the literature 289
Christopher R.R. Todd

The development of library and information science in China (1840–2009) 296
Yao Zhang

Information evaluation & the individual’s cognitive state: Some insights from a study of British teenaged users 307
Andrew K. Shenton, Alison J. Pickard and Andrew Johnson

Library adoption of knowledge management using Web 2.0: A new paradigm for libraries 317
Md. Anwarul Islam, Naresh Kumar Agarwal and Mitsuru Ikeda

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