CRL and Partners Publish New LIBLICENSE E-Resources Model License

« The Center for Research Libraries (CRL)—in collaboration with several partners, including ARL—has released the major upgrade of an important tool for library investment in electronic resources: a revised LIBLICENSE Model License Agreement. The new model license incorporates the best practices of the library profession and the best advice of legal and publishing professionals. The LIBLICENSE Project, started in 1997 at Yale University by Ann Okerson, who now serves as senior advisor at CRL, provides a rich source of information and guidance for libraries and other institutions seeking to license digital resources for their faculty, students, and researchers (…) »

In early 2015, the project expects to release an updated “Create Your Own License” software. Based on this new model license, the software is a total rewrite of the previous version, which enjoyed a healthy lifespan of over a decade. More information will be available upon release.

For more information, see the LIBLICENSE Model Licenses webpage or contact Ann Okerson, senior advisor, Center for Research Libraries, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . »

source >, Kaylyn Groves, 5 décembre 2014