EBSCO Modernizes Publication Discovery with Full-Text Finder™

« … Available to all EBSCO Discovery Service™ (EDS) customers with their subscription, and as a stand-alone application to non-subscribers, Full-Text Finder delivers the intuitive, time-saving experience when searching for journals, e-books and articles, and managing the library’s holdings (…)

FTF is the culmination of extensive research and development to identify library and end-user needs, understand user habits, and deliver a modern experience to find journals and manage holdings. EBSCO built FTF from the ground up as the natural progression of the EBSCO experience with EBSCO A-to-Z™ and LinkSource™, which have been the familiar publication browse and link resolver respectively focused on journals and journal content. The proliferation of more than a million eBooks and the growth to thousands of journal packages and full-text databases required a new approach to handle the massive volume of content while meeting the expectations of today’s users (…) »

source > gfii.fr, 4 novembre 2014