WIPO General Assembly Fails to Draw any Conclusions on Exceptions and Limitations

« The 46th General Assembly of the World Intellectual Property Organisation ended last night in Geneva with no agreement on a number of topics, including the future work of the Standing Committee on Copyright and Related Rights (SCCR) (…)

It is clear to IFLA that the idea of discussing any further exceptions to copyright, following last year’s successful Marrakech Treaty for the visually impaired, is causing great distress to countries in the developed world. It would appear that the Marrakech Treaty, the sole international copyright treaty to be negotiated in favour of users in the past 100 years, is a red line that cannot be crossed. Group B does not appear to recognise the global nature of the Internet, where cross-border information exchange for education and research is essential, nor does it show any awareness that exceptions to copyright have a vital role in preserving the public interest in accessing information – in both developed and developing countries (…) »

source > ifla.org, 01 octobre 2014