ALA brings library lens to network neutrality debate in FCC public comments

« …Today the American Library Association (ALA) urged the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to adopt the legally enforceable network neutrality rules necessary to fulfill library missions and serve communities nationwide. The ALA joined 10 other national higher education and library organizations in filing joint public comments (PDF) with the FCC (…)

For instance, the FCC should:

– explicitly apply open Internet rules to public broadband Internet access service provided to libraries, institutions of higher education and other public interest organizations;

– prohibit “paid prioritization;”

– adopt rules that are technology-neutral and apply equally to fixed and mobile services;

– adopt a re-defined “no-blocking” rule that bars public broadband Internet access providers from interfering with the consumer’s choice of content, applications, or services;

– further strengthen disclosure rules;

– charge the proposed ombudsman with protecting the interests of libraries and higher education institutions and other public interest organizations, in addition to consumers and small businesses;

– continue to recognize that libraries and institutions of higher education operate private networks or engage in end user activities that are not subject to open Internet rules; and

– preserve the unique capacities of the Internet as an open platform by exercising its well-established sources of authority to implement open Internet rules, based on Title II reclassification or an “Internet reasonable” standard under Section 706 (…) »

source >, Larra Clark, 18 juillet 2014