NISO Altmetrics Standards Project White Paper

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In the first phase of the NISO Alternative Assessment Metrics Project (July 2013 through June 2014), three in-person meetings were held and 30 in-person interviews conducted. The goal was to collect input from all relevant stakeholder groups, summarize the discussion in this white paper, and identify potential action items for further work in Phase II of the project.
Because of the open format used in the meetings and interviews, we were able to collect a broad range of input that touched on many aspects of metrics and assessment, which also includes input not directly related to standards or best practices. Overall there were very lively discussions with much consensus as to the areas that need further work and very little controversial discussion. These observations are a good indication that an evolving community cares about this topic and that we can expect productive work going forward. Overall, a total of 25 action items in 9 categories were identified, listed below and again within each category (…)

NISO Altmetrics Standards Project White Paper (253K)

Version 4 – draft for public comment through July 18, 2014.
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source >, Cynthia Hodgson, juin 2014