décembre 2020


The impact of open access publishing agreements at the University of Vienna in light of the Plan S requirements: a review of current status, challenges and perspectives

« The University of Vienna, in partnership with other organisations across Austria, has been at the forefront of the open access…

insights.uksg.org, inhasi, Rita, Brigitte Kromp, Guido Blechl, and Lothar Hölbling. 2020. “The Impact of Open Access Publishing Agreements at the University of Vienna in Light of the Plan S Requirements: A Review of Current Status, Challenges and Perspectives”. Insights 33 (1): 26. DOI: http://doi.org/10.1629/uksg.523

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How is open access publishing going down with early career researchers? An international, multi-disciplinary study (.pdf)

« This study explores early career researchers’ (ECRs) appreciation and utilisation of open access (OA) publishing. The evidence reported here results…

ciber-research.eu, David Nicholas, Hamid R. Jamal, Eti Herman, Jie Xu, Chérifa Boukacem-Zeghmouri, Anthony Watkinson, Blanca Rodríguez-Bravo, Abdullah Abrizah, Marzena Świgoń, Tatiana Polezhaeva, Profesional de la información, v. 29, n. 6, e290614, 16 novembre 2020

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