Plan S and funding – what is going to change?

« This presentation was given by Johan Rooryck during the Open Access Talk on 29 October 2020.
Johan Rooryck, Professor at Leiden University and Executive Director of  cOAlition S, will briefly outline the rationale for the principles of Plan S. Beyond that, he will discuss its implementation for all grants awarded by cOAlition S funders from 1 January 2021, including the Horizon Europe framework. In his talk, Johan Rooryck will cover the following questions:

  • Which conditions do you need to fulfil to publish in a journal of your choice under Plan S?
  • What can the newly developed Journal Checker Tool do for you?
  • How does the recent Rights Retention Strategy help you to keep the rights to your Author Accepted Manuscript? (…) »

source >, Rooryck, Johan. (2020, October). Plan S and funding - what is going to change?. Zenodo.